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Are you looking for a professional partner who can manage your cold storage with care? Fresh Connection has refrigerated warehouses in the Transport zone Meer at the Belgian–Dutch border. We receive reefer cargo from the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam and Vlissingen. Our cold stores are approved as class U customs warehouses, which means that we are allowed to store goods for distribution under customs supervision.

We have no less than eleven loading docks in our refrigerated warehouses. At Fresh Connection, we unload and load containers with reefer cargo carefully and efficiently.

Entry check

On arrival, we carry out a general inspection of the goods and their packaging and check the temperature. We barcode the goods and scan and store all pallets of watermelons, bananas, mangos, etc. When the goods leave our premises they pass by the scanner again. Thanks to our Warehouse Management System (Microsoft Dynamics Navision), stocks are kept completely up to date and we can easily trace your reefer cargo.

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Did you know that Fresh Connectionnever stands still?

We continue to invest in our installations and equipment, improve our processes and train and encourage our employees.


Our refrigerated warehouses have a storage capacity of almost 5,000 pallet spaces and they are monitored 24 hours a day. Your goods are stored for either a short or longer period of time at a constant temperature, which we monitor day and night via our temperature system. We have six different temperature zones, ranging from 0° to 14 °C.

Fresh Connection's certificates and permits guarantee that we handle your reefer cargo in a safe manner and with the high level of quality that you expect.

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Sorting out

The FASFC carries out thorough phytosanitary and other quality checks on your products. If, after these checks, it appears that goods are either wholly or partially no longer suitable for human use, Fresh Connection can – under the supervision of the FASFC – sort out these goods for you. If necessary, we will quarantine the rejected goods in our refrigerated warehouses. After the sorting out process, we can offer the products to the FASFC for re-inspection. Finally, we can destroy rejected goods in consultation with customs.


When pallets are damaged, we can repalletise them. For bananas, we also offer two other services: lowering pallets from 54 to 48 cartons per pallet and cutting BANAVAC.

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Who are our customers?

Fresh Connection works for various participants in the supply chain: foreign exporters, large importers, supermarkets and even producers or 'growers'.

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