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Customs team

A customs service as it should be

Fresh Connection has an in-house customs department. We offer an extremely smooth and flexible customs service thanks to:

  • the expertise of our own team of fully fledged customs brokers;
  • our in-house approach to phytosanitary and veterinary inspections;
  • our own courier service that allows us to get documents on site on time.

Creation of import and export documents

Our experienced team of customs brokers is responsible for the preparation and follow-up of all customs formalities, such as customs clearances, transit documents and export documents.

The follow-up of customs scans and physical checks is also part of our customs activities. We have our own dockside shipping agent who ensures the fast and flexible handling of the documents at the various terminals.

In the event of any complications, we are the point of contact and we will seek an appropriate solution in consultation with you.

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Did you know that Fresh Connectionhas its own team of fully fledged customs brokers?

This saves our customers a lot of time.

Fiscal representation

If you want to import fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, etc. into Belgium, you need a Belgian VAT number. Don't you have one? Then Fresh Connection can fulfil the role of fiscal representative.

Please note that Fresh Connection can only act as a fiscal representative for companies with a valid, non-Belgian VAT number in the European Union. The goods you import cannot be destined for the Belgian market.

Would you like Fresh Connection to represent your company fiscally in Belgium? Please contact us and consult our terms and conditions.

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Who are our customers?

Fresh Connection works for various participants in the supply chain: foreign exporters, large importers, supermarkets and even producers or 'growers'.

Would you like more information about making Fresh Connection your logistics partner? Then please contact us.

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