Transporting quality goods safely to their destination, that is our goal.


Fresh Connection: experts in reefer cargo handling across Europe

Fresh Connection transports your containers of fruit, vegetables and other perishable goods in a qualitative and safe way. We transport your reefer cargo from the ports of Antwerp, Rotterdam or Vlissingen to our refrigerated warehouses in Meer or to a final destination of your choice within Europe. For this purpose, we have been working with a number of permanent partners for many years. These transport companies comply with all safety and quality regulations.

Have your containers been selected for a scan or a physical inspection? If so, Fresh Connection will oversee the entire procedure and remove the burden from you as much as possible. So you can save both time and money.

Are there any problems? Then we will try to find a solution together. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Phytosanitary check

A large number of products must first be checked by the FASFC before we are allowed to import them. We plan the check at the FASFC and assist with this inspection. Because our own people are present at the inspection, we can react quickly in case of problems.

If a problem arises, we are ready to proactively provide a suitable solution. Feel free to contact us.

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Did you know that Fresh Connectioncan store your goods day and night in optimal conditions?

We can regulate the temperature in our refrigerated warehouses at all times. We have six different temperature zones that vary from 0° to 14 °C. With our reefer connections and eleven loading docks, we ensure a closed cold chain.

Veterinary control

Just as with fruit and vegetables, fish and meat must be inspected before we can import them. Fresh Connection arranges the transport of the container to the Veterinary Border Inspection Post.

Is there a problem? Then we will work with you to find a suitable solution. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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Who are our customers?

Fresh Connection works for various participants in the supply chain: foreign exporters, large importers, supermarkets and even producers or 'growers'.

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